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About Bonnie

I am a deeply intuitive modern day medicine woman trained, skilled and licensed in both clinical and alternative healing arts. I have always been innately interested to learn about how to live comfortably in a body with maximum function. Today, my bodywork and massage sessions are a medley of all my trainings, skills, education, and personal experiences. Though I have many clinical skills, I find the most profound healings are led by my intuition.

I am an award winning hula dancer, biodynamic gardener and alchemist in training. Independant and contemplative, I am comfortable in nature and love to swim, hike and camp. Fascinated by other cultures I love to travel. Though I need solitude to recharge, I enjoy deep connection with others and celebrating life together involving food, music, laughter, dance, ceremony, ritual and good stories.



Massage Training

Deep Tissue
Clinical, Sports
Injury &  Surgery Care
Lymphatic Drainage

Holistic Trainings

Rudolf Steiner
Oil Dispersion
Green Medicine
Hawaiian Healing Arts
Dennis Klocek
Consciousness Studies

Somatic Training
Myofascial Release/Structural Integration with awareness of and support for the release of feelings/memories stored in the tissues.


Bonnie: The Magic Masseuse

"I am a 100% Vietnam Disabled Veteran and have been to masseuse all over the Pacific. I have been seeing Bonnie for over a year now. It is my understanding that she has completed her schooling as a Medical Massage Therapist, Standard Massage Therapist, Swedish Massage Therapist and Hawaiian Massage Therapist; also with and understanding of Vietnamese Massage therapy, Thailand’s Massage therapy, Japanese Massage therapy including Acupressure, I can attest to her knowledge. Bonnie has allowed me to do things I have not been able to do for a long time, such as yard work for 5-6 hours straight and able to drive to Los Angeles without any major pain (that’s magic). The reason I call her the Magic Masseuse is that she can find my pain without me telling her where it is, better that I can explaining it to her (that’s magic). And now, rarely do I wake up from pain anymore when I sleep (that’s MAJOR MAGIC). Bonnie has been a blessing for me."

Semper Fi T. J. Voors